A few words about how we work

If it tastes freefrom, we don’t sell it!

Benefits for retail

Retail food outlets, whether specialist or generalist, whether small or big, are all confronted with a growing demand for freefrom food. But freefrom food, touching upon people’s health, is nothing like conventional food. Freefrom food comes with a service.

At Wheatless & More, we help retail food businesses to build, expand, focus, refocus, manage and/or optimize their freefrom food and service offering.

They can expect more than just a range of allergen-free food. We gladly share the knowledge and expertise we built in the area of food which is free from gluten, milk, lactose, egg, nuts or other allergens.

In the end, our goal is the same as theirs. Better serve, advise and meet the needs of their clients.

Benefits for food service

Whether food service businesses are familiar with the needs of customers having or wanting to avoid certain allergens or they are new to meeting these special dietary requests, they most probably need help to get a better understanding of food allergies and intolerances, to easily and safely integrate allergen-free food into their existing menus – without compromising on the taste and style of their signature dishes – and to attract customers or guests seeking places open to meet their dietary requirements.

Having built an extensive knowledge and understanding of food allergies and intolerances and concerns of freefrom consumers in need of a similar eating out experience than anyone else, we work with food service businesses seeking to reach out to this growing customer base.

In the end, our goal is the same as theirs. Gain and retain happy and loyal customers. Customers who will come back and bring along friends and family because they enjoyed a delicious and safe meal. Once on board, they will gladly advertise freefrom friendly businesses for free because their freefrom needs were heard.

Benefits for freefrom foodmakers

Whether you are a relatively new kid on the block looking to expand beyond your home market, a more established player seeking growth in untapped markets or a local brand wanting to cross borders, we are there to help you position your brand and grow your sales.

We can tap into many years of experience in developing businesses and building brands. Also, in order to complement our skill set, we put quite some time and effort in building a support network including experts in certification, labeling and allergen management, local and international logistics, design, copywriting and translation.

Thanks to a profound knowledge of the local freefrom market and a network of international business contacts that we developed over the years, we can open doors for foodmakers, locally as well as internationally.

What we want to know from you before we can head off is how you want to see your brand and products positioned, promoted and sold. By adding our knowledge and expertise, we jointly develop and act upon a realistic market approach. This means that we invest quite some time in understanding your drive, philosophy, brand, sales & marketing policy and last but not least, your products.

We do not only build brands. We also build relationships, based on trust and commitment. Without such relationships, no-one can thrive. After all, like in any other business, it’s all about people.

If it tastes freefrom, we don’t sell it!

What we have on offer has been tried and tasted by a test panel. This panel includes food buyers and consumers of all ages who are coping with one or more food allergies or intolerances as well as people who have no dietary restrictions whatsoever. Only if they confirm the results of our own testing and tasting, we welcome the products in our portfolio.

Want to know more?

Want to know more about our range of products and how we work? We would be pleased to come and present our approach, portfolio of freefrom products and/or provide you with a test package suited for your customers.