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People with (or without) food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities are on a hunt for healthy & delicious food that is free from gluten, lactose, nuts or other allergens they have or want to avoid.

It is our mission to facilitate access to such food. At Wheatless & More we help a carefully selected range of certified freefrom brands to gain access to retail and food service businesses looking to serve these people. On the other hand, we help our clients build, expand, adapt and/or manage their freefrom products portfolio or offering, always starting from the company’s objectives and their customers’ needs.

What we offer them is convenient access to a fine and bespoke range of products as well as the knowledge and support they may need to provide an excellent service and experience to their clients. In the end, we all want happy and loyal customers who can buy or consume the freefrom food they need or want.

What we source, represent and sell is not only allergen-free, it is and must be healthy and delicious. Moreover, every one of our products comes with a story. Whether it stems from a foodmaker’s personal experience with sometimes life-threatening food allergies or their concern and care for family members’ or close friends’ food related health issues, or just from people with a passion for making good freefrom food.

Facing the many challenges an allergen-free diet brings along when buying food, preparing meals, eating out and traveling, we founded Wheatless & More in May 2014. As we adore delicious food and enjoy eating in and out of home we refused to let our food intolerances, sensitivities and allergies restrict our food related choices.

We prefer to see the allergens and additives we need and want to avoid as an opportunity to constantly discover new ingredients, products, meals, recipes and places. For us, eating freefrom doesn’t mean sacrificing taste.

Véronique & Lieve

Co-founders Wheatless & More

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