Gluten-free Haute Dogs at Würst
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Wheatless & More and Dutch bakery Wiltink develop gluten-free hotdog bun for Würst

Haute Dog restaurant Würst, which opened its first branch in Leuven last summer and plans to open a second outlet in Ghent before next summer, also serves its delicious Haute Dogs on gluten-free buns. Würst turned to freefrom specialist Wheatless & More for help in developing the gluten-free bun. Following the instructions and wishes of Würst, Wheatless & More developed, in close collaboration with Dutch bakery Wiltink, a gluten-free hotdog bread exclusively for Würst.

The sausage & toppings were gluten-free from the start

From the very start, Würst worked to avoid (any trace of) gluten when selecting its hotdog (the sausage itself) and assembling its toppings. The only thing that they missed was a suitable and delicious gluten-free hotdog bun. The Dutch Bakkerij Wiltink succeeded to deliver a worthy gluten-free alternative which is being appreciated by Würst and its customers for its taste and texture.

Avoiding cross-contamination

In order avoid cross-contamination while preparing and serving its Haute Dogs, Wheatless & More ensured Würst received proper guidance. The gluten-free buns are stored separately and are cut on a separate breadboard, using clean and different cutlery from that used for cutting the gluten-containing buns.

Additional effort for those with celiac disease

For customers who suffer from celiac disease and mention this when ordering their gluten-free Haute Dog, Würst gladly goes the extra mile. Würst uses unopened boxes for the toppings to assure that there is no cross-contamination.

Due to lack of space in its Leuven-based outlet, the only thing Würst cannot accommodate at this time is using a separate oven to heat the buns. A light form of cross-contamination can therefore not be excluded.

Clear and correct information for the customer

During its first months, Würst spoke modestly of its gluten-free initiative. It only communicated this on its own website and in the restaurant itself to allow the chef, kitchen- and waiting personnel to familiarize themselves with handling the gluten-free buns. Würst also wanted to  await the response and feedback of its customers first before going public with its gluten-free offer.
Today, the trial period is over and more and more customers that need to or want to eat gluten-free find their way to Würst. These customers are unanimously positive, both about the taste of the bun and about Würst’s approach and its clear and honest communication.

About Bakkerij Wiltink
Bakkerij Wiltink launched Yam fresh gluten-free bread in the beginning of 2014. Near the end of 2014, it was already rewarded as being the healthiest fresh gluten-free bread in the market (Jaarprijs Goede Voeding 2014).
About Wheatless & More
Wheatless & More is a specialist in gluten- and allergen-free food and related services for the hotel and catering industry and retail. Wheatless & More not only offers a range of healthy and tasty products but also provides the necessary service. Wheatless & More guides the hotel and catering industry in safely integrating and handling gluten-free meals on the menu, in the kitchen and on the plates. Services for retail include shelf-analysis and -assembly, customer inquiries and targeted market research. On demand, Wheatless & More develops tailored products in close collaboration with its suppliers.